[ Data Point 1 ]
“… trader tried to kill the batarian. Claims it was because he hates slavers, but the men were more likely fighting over money. Watch for now…”

[ Data Point 2 ]
“Smuggler and assassin have refused to work with vorcha due to lack of trust. Odd to see scruples from the men at this point.”

[ Data Point 3 ]
“The turian’s asking too many questions. Observer recommends terminating him and framing assassin or salarian contact.”

[ Data Point 4 ]
“Turian contact working well with trader. Observer has rescinded kill order against him, given difficulty in securing contact with the trader through other methods.”

[ Data Point 5 ]
“Vorcha trader has requested no further contact with the salarian. Salarian is becoming more trouble than he is worth. Observer recommends a kill, but she may have a grudge.”

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